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Welcome To Vasco Rx Specialty and Infusion Pharmacy


We are committed to providing innovative healthcare solutions for the management of a variety of medical conditions.
Our goals are:


Improve Quality Of Life

Encourage Patient Compliance

Reduce Healthcare Costs

Vasco Rx is proud to have helped patients receive more than $2.2 million in financial assistance through manufacturer patient assistance programs and co-pay cards.

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Why Choose Us?

Specialty Pharmacy

Our key strengths; Medication access, state of the art information systems, provider back office support and patient education.

Patient Focused

Benefit verification, prior authorization support, electronic prescribing, patient assistance program support, and delivery options to fit the patient’s needs.

Custom Compounding

Years of experience creating customized prescriptions for physicians and veterinarians nationwide.

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An established pharmacy providing quality custom compounded & specialty pharmaceuticals.

We service the following states with our full line of specialty pharmacy products and services.

A special kind of CARE

For someone facing a disease like COPD or HIV, having a pharmacy that understands your needs and can partner with your physician is an important step towards your treatment success.

At Vasco Rx, we not only offer specialized treatments but also one-on-one personalized care. We collaborate with all parts of the care team to see how we can best utilize our resources to meet your treatment goals.

A Pharmacy Should Be More Than A Medication Supplier

Knowledgeable staff
In years past, pharmacist had a primary job to safely deliver medications to patients as requested by their physicians. Today at Vasco Rx, our Pharmacist’s play a much bigger role in partnering with physicians and patients to reach desired outcomes with each treatment. Education and counseling are key elements in our interactions with patients. We are here at every step looking to provide complete care.
So what are outcomes? The simplest way to answer this question is by saying when a patient is prescribed a medication, physician and patient are looking for a positive outcome that will reinforce the decision. If there is information that the physician needs or education that the patient requires to achieve that desired outcome we are here to provide assistance and insight. Essentially we become part of the treatment team.
Specialty medications can be complicated and at times expensive. Serious diseases are treated with drugs that may require special handling, storage, side effect monitoring, dosing and shipping. At Vasco Rx we are committed to helping patients access their medications by providing benefit verifications, prior-authorization requirements and medication adherence programs.

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